Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Swimming Hamsters?

Wow, it's a life-saver skills for the hamsters. They look so cute when they are paddling. =D

Just hope the owner rescue the one that gave up in time. The little one looks like about to drown.


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Little Squeak

SE is one noisy hamster. She likes to squeak a lot. We find her the most communicative hamster we ever had. She will softly squeaks when she is in our hands, when she's upset, when she's complaining. She also hiccups and probably coughs. Co-owner says she is asthmatic. Lol.

Here she is, probably hiccupping again.


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Another Staycation

Sloth was back to stay with us for two weeks. Prior to that, we sent SE packing to Sloth's house. I think SE quite enjoy the company of another hamster. So when Sloth and SE came to our place, I could see SE was quite happy (afterall, she could eat the same food as Sloth did because of Sloth's owner's generosity). Sloth on the other hand was scared stiff. But luckily a few days later, she warmed up to us.

Sloth is one luxury ham. She loves a variety of food and she doesn't really eat the same type of food daily. So we kept changing the menu of snacks everyday for her to eat complete the whole piece. She ate edamame, pine nuts, milk bread, cheese and biscuits. I bet SE was thinking: "If you don't like flax seeds, hand them over to me instead."

We could see SE was a little sad to see Sloth gone home. Upon leaving, the anti-social Short Ear climbed up her cage with her head popping out as if to say: "Hey, take me with you!"

Wonder if Sloth is coming again for another vacation. =D

The Complacent Life

A little update of Short Ear who is living alone now since her sister Long Ear passed on. As the only precious pet of the owners, SE is one heck of a spoilt ham. But, (to be fair to her) SE is quite a nice hamster. Her only sin is 'gluttony' - She loves food and lotsa flax seeds. So if her needs are satisfied, she is a happy mouse. =D

"I want food! Food! Flax seeds!"
Vacuuming in progress
"Anymore?" (The usual greedy way)

Fully satisfied hammy

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Goodnight Long Ear

Long Ear has gone to the Sunflower Valley tonight at about 9.30pm.

Sigh~ At least she won't be in pain anymore.

You will be missed, our naughty little Long Ear. The hamster who likes to snatch food from our hands. (T_T)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

On Good Terms

This is a photo of Two Little Cute previously when they were on good terms.

I wish they can be together again. =(

Monday, February 4, 2013


At Hamsty Hotel, where your pet hamster feels home away from home. =p Our repeat satisfied customer Sloth hammie came back to stay with us again while her owners go for their vacation.



Sloth looked confused when her tank landed in Hamsty. After her owners left, she just sat there in a daze and her little head kept turning left and right as if to see where is her owners. Awww, don't be shy...

"Sob! Where's my owners?"

"There are two monsters here looking at me."

And SLE? That two naughty hamsters refused to come out to greet the guests! -,- Long Ear, Short Ear - be gracious!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

What's In The Dark Room

One thing many of my hammies never learn - Curiosity kills the mouse. Here's Long Ear sitting behind the semi-opened door, sniffing and probably deciding should she go in or stay put. The dark dark room looks scary eh.


Hamsty World Finally Starts Revolving

It is finally resolved. After Blogger did some changes, the goon owner could not load photos to this blog anymore. Photos cannot be upload successfully and thus the goon owner decided to give up trying. After so many months, then she realised that photos can be uploaded to Picasa first. A tad cumbersome but at least it works.

As can see from the list, Herbie and Scar's name is no longer in the name list. Both of them had passed on. On which dates, we cannot remember cos' my handphone diary was wiped out when my phone died and after FB made the timeline changes, I could not retrieve my postings as well. =( Crap. All I remember now is that both of them died in year 2012. (T_T)

Our Two Little Cute also weren't featured here for the longest time because I was frustrated with the photo uploading of Blogger that I gave up trying. So yeah, now that I know of a way to deal with this blog, more posts will be coming up. By the way, Two Little Cute are no longer little babies. They are now chubby big hams. And they are also no longer staying together. -,-

In a snapshot, here are some of their growing up days when S.L.E are still together.


Late Introduction For Two Little Cute

As mentioned in the last post, we got two new hamsters into our house. That was months ago and time flies. They grown from baby hamsters to chubby adult hamsters now. Both are female winter whites and finally (FINALLY) in the history of Hamsty World, we can have two same sex WW staying peacefully together (not quite but yeah). It is so interesting to see them play and squabble.

I must admit that we ran out of names to call them and so we decided to call them Long Ear and Short Ear, S.L.E for short (no it is not Seletar Expressway). Names derived from obvious reason and so it is not difficult to differentiate both of them from the pictures. :p

Now, presenting SLE, better known as Two Little Cute from Hamsty.

Shy shy little babies

Long Ear looks like a hound dog

Short Ear has been the cutest

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