Friday, January 26, 2018

Ma Handsome Boy

We seldom call him Spike. Instead he is known as Boy Boy. My handsome boy.

"I only let you take photo while I'm eating."
Full of attitude, but I love him. =)

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Fetish For Ham Butts

This would have been illegal. But.... It's hamster's butt. (^^)v

Girl Girl's butt butt

We all have a fetish for hamster butts. =D

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Boy Boy Attitude

Boy Boy is relatively a very easy hamster to take care off. He is a home boy, doesn't like to come outside his cage (and will have a panic attack after 5 mins out of his house), doesn't like to be disturbed or play with, doesn't bother anyone unless he is hungry or food time.


And most of the time, he is asleep. >.<'

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Introducing Frappe

A 6 weeks old baby female ham ham came to our Hamsty household on 22 Jan 17. Still very shy (or sulky I would say). Girl Girl sensed a newcomer and was curious. However, GG had her own ordeal to deal with (housekeeping on her cage which she never likes), so she forgotten it all and sulked at one corner of her cage when we finished housekeeping. Boy Boy? As usual, his 'bochup' attitude...

"Where am I??"

Not happy....

When I hold GG in my hand, I realised that she is not such a small size hammie now, as compared to Frappe's size. =D

Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Gold Standards Hammie

Each hamster is different. They have different personalities, characters, and even behaviour. With so many hamsters we had in the past decade, we came nothing across like Almond. So much so that co-owner branded her as The Gold Standards hamster. A hamster that surpassed all expectations.

A hamster that was:
  • The most atheletic hamster. She didn't use the stairs in her cage. Rather, she climbed up the grills to her upper deck or monkey-bar from one end to another. She received her treats while hanging with two paws from the top of her cage. Amazing eh.
  • Unbelievable feat: She actually ate her treats while hanging on the top of her cage with one paw (the other grabbed the food) while her legs were dangling freely in the air. (o.O)
  • 10/10 cleanliness. It was amazing we did not need to change her beddings for months because it remained very clean. She had designated areas to throw leftover and probably a toilet area hidden somewhere that was never wet or stinky.
  • She never peed or pooped while she was out playing on the bed or outside her cage.
  • She never once bite us! 
  • She didn't throw tantrums or constantly bugged us. (^^)v
  • Never fussy about food. Her favourite was cheese though.
She loved to play hide-&-seek under the duvet and a little peekaboo with us. Very well-nature and obedient I would say so. She would become the favourite hamster of co-owner (favouritism)

Almond passed away on 17 March 2016.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Mouse & Mouse

When you are trying to get work done but your attention-seeking hammie wants to meddle into things as well.

"Girl Girl! Go run somewhere to play, can?!"

Hamsty World Relaunched

Hamsty World has been hibernating for the past 4-5 years. It's time to relaunch and document the hammies who have been missed out over the years.

Boy Boy aka Spike snoozing

However,in the meantime, there is alot of clearing up to do. Work in progress and the blog will start rolling out soon.

"Wake up Boy Boy. Stop sleeping..."

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Swimming Hamsters?

Wow, it's a life-saver skills for the hamsters. They look so cute when they are paddling. =D

Just hope the owner rescue the one that gave up in time. The little one looks like about to drown.


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Little Squeak

SE is one noisy hamster. She likes to squeak a lot. We find her the most communicative hamster we ever had. She will softly squeaks when she is in our hands, when she's upset, when she's complaining. She also hiccups and probably coughs. Co-owner says she is asthmatic. Lol.

Here she is, probably hiccupping again.


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Another Staycation

Sloth was back to stay with us for two weeks. Prior to that, we sent SE packing to Sloth's house. I think SE quite enjoy the company of another hamster. So when Sloth and SE came to our place, I could see SE was quite happy (afterall, she could eat the same food as Sloth did because of Sloth's owner's generosity). Sloth on the other hand was scared stiff. But luckily a few days later, she warmed up to us.

Sloth is one luxury ham. She loves a variety of food and she doesn't really eat the same type of food daily. So we kept changing the menu of snacks everyday for her to eat complete the whole piece. She ate edamame, pine nuts, milk bread, cheese and biscuits. I bet SE was thinking: "If you don't like flax seeds, hand them over to me instead."

We could see SE was a little sad to see Sloth gone home. Upon leaving, the anti-social Short Ear climbed up her cage with her head popping out as if to say: "Hey, take me with you!"

Wonder if Sloth is coming again for another vacation. =D