Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Gold Standards Hammie

Each hamster is different. They have different personalities, characters, and even behaviour. With so many hamsters we had in the past decade, we came nothing across like Almond. So much so that co-owner branded her as The Gold Standards hamster. A hamster that surpassed all expectations.

A hamster that was:
  • The most atheletic hamster. She didn't use the stairs in her cage. Rather, she climbed up the grills to her upper deck or monkey-bar from one end to another. She received her treats while hanging with two paws from the top of her cage. Amazing eh.
  • Unbelievable feat: She actually ate her treats while hanging on the top of her cage with one paw (the other grabbed the food) while her legs were dangling freely in the air. (o.O)
  • 10/10 cleanliness. It was amazing we did not need to change her beddings for months because it remained very clean. She had designated areas to throw leftover and probably a toilet area hidden somewhere that was never wet or stinky.
  • She never peed or pooped while she was out playing on the bed or outside her cage.
  • She never once bite us! 
  • She didn't throw tantrums or constantly bugged us. (^^)v
  • Never fussy about food. Her favourite was cheese though.
She loved to play hide-&-seek under the duvet and a little peekaboo with us. Very well-nature and obedient I would say so. She would become the favourite hamster of co-owner (favouritism)

Almond passed away on 17 March 2016.

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