Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Relocation & Upgradings Part II

Fabian finally has the chance to upgrade to a decent cage.
When Fatty saw that the new cage was allocated to Fabian and not him, he gave the owner's hand a nip! -.-" Jealous mousey!
So we got him the same cage for him too.
He's good now.

*The above is a bundle sale consisting of the WILD cage, food bowl, bottle, toilet set, Minimal shreddered paper beddings, Marukan cottonball, excluding the wheel. Good deal eh! Got it below 30 bucks.

Toilet Manners

When the owner saw this, it was an accomplishment. Hamlet is improving.

We don't like to show shit to the world, but this case is an exception. =p

Relocation & Upgradings Part I

Two is better than one. You have twice the fun.

"Howdy neighbour!" "Same to you, buster!"

Monday, March 17, 2008

Robos In Playpen

We let the robos into the playpen overnight. Seems like they have alot of fun.

Naughty Ruddie always like to do whatever Robbie is doing.

They are really cute balls. And they sleep together in this tiny little hut.
This is how they compact themselves into the limited space. =p

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Story Of Retardies

Just when we thought that it's the end of hamsty babies, out came the last batch. The 9th batch of very blur babies. These kiddos were really super blur. Unlike other batch who learnt things easily, this batch looked very lost.

One day, all of them messed in their own pee (all 3 stayed together @ that time), and they stink so bad that they need a bath. The goon owner told them they were in for a bubblebath. The bathtub was set with lots of bubbles from the hamster shampoo and all 3 was put in. Suddenly they panicked and started jumping, one by one slipped and went underwater. The goon owner scooped them up and all 3 were so frighten they hugged each other for almost 1 hour. The goon owner then say: "Bwahahaha, you guys are really retarded. I shall call you 3 Retardies!"

Guess what, from then on, none of them ever mess in his own pee and poo. Haha.

The 3 Retardies consist of 2 sapphire and 1 pearl white hamsters, of which one of the sapphire is a runt. White Tardy is the most talked about hamster because of his relationship with Oreo. Btw, bye bye Tardy. Enjoy your stay at Oreo's maiden house *glee*. While the 2 sapphires are not so well featured. We take this opportunity to introduce them (or we sense a riot coming up soon).

Retardy Dwarfie
He is the runt. When they were kiddos, he was always being bullied by the other 2. When meal time, the other 2 would finish all the food and left him the unwanted portion. Because he was super tiny, he could not fight back.

Then - Dwarfie Retardy when he is a little baby.

Now - The little runt grew up to a normal size guy.

Now - He has a symmetric shade of grey from top view.

Retardy Timid
Timid Tardy wasn't timid at all when he was young. It was actually because of the drowning part, he became timid. :p He was a pretty hamster, so much so that all thought he was a girl. He and White Tardy were really on good terms and both would gang up to bully poor lil' Dwarfie. So good that White Tardy always brought food for him. After separating from his brother, he lives alone. One day when the wheel was introduced to him, he thought aliens have come down to get him. He looked in astonishment and went into hiding instead of exploring the new toy!

Then - A sweet little baby. So cute!

Then - A young teenager. He loves the tower like Mousey Baby.

Now - Timid hamster as always.

White Retardy
The leader of the gang. He was clearly the dominant one. Big size and lazy, he would snooze around when the other was busy running around. He is still as lazy as ever. No need to talk much, he was the most talked about one in Hamsty World.

Then - Cute cute little imp.

Now - A very lazy fella and husband.

To recall - watch the video here.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mating Season Part III

Let's get it started, in here!
Erm, hamsters below the age of 5 months are not allow to watch. Restricted adults only. =p

When are you two giving me your offsprings?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hamlet Swing

Seems like Hamlet is the only hammie who enjoys cleaning day. Because she can do the swing!

Click here if the video unable to load.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Sleeping Positions

Truly, I marvel at how you little tykes sleep.

Retardy behind the bars.

Fatty hugging his precious wooden chair.

Robbie camouflaging in his food bowl.

Hermie sleeping upside-down.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Teamwork In Pulling Cottonball

Retardy may think he is eating the candy floss! Oreo looks like she uses 101% of her strength to pull the cotton.

Co-owner: "Retardy, what are you trying to do????"

What's For Dinner?

Wonder what the dwarf hamsters are having?

Well, like owner like rodents.... They like Japanese food too.
Hamlet does not seems to like all these. Gotta get the syrian type soon.

Lazing Around

Come on guys, you can't sleep like this. Go into the room!


Introducing Hamlet

Although in Shakespeare's play, Hamlet supposed to be a male prince. But I decided name this female Syrian as Hamlet. To cut the story short, the most important thing is....Introducing Hamlet to the Hamsty World! *All dwarf hamsters clapping from behind*

"Errr... What do I do here???"

Hamlet seems a little anxious about the new environment. No worries Hamlet. You will get used to it soon.

"Wowy! There are so many distant cousins here!!!"

A video of Hamlet on her first day of arrival.

After a few days Hamlet seems to warm up to me, but she is still quite panicky when co-owner's hand comes near her. We see how the progress goes.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Copy Cat

Hey Robbie! Who taught you how to sleep like this!

Must be that rascal Dwarfie Retardy!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Major Relocation

The hamsty neighbourhood is currently under a major relocation and upgradings of the hamster homes. Good news for some! In the meantime, there's no internet connection for the hamsters. :p

"Humph! There's no internet connection here."
"How am I going to spend my time!"

Sunday, March 2, 2008


"I am so full that I cannot move anymore. I just....ZZzzzz......"

Stig! You are getting obese you know.

On A Valentine's Day

"I am so not talking to you anymore!!!"

Would you two stop bickering???