Sunday, March 9, 2008

What's For Dinner?

Wonder what the dwarf hamsters are having?

Well, like owner like rodents.... They like Japanese food too.
Hamlet does not seems to like all these. Gotta get the syrian type soon.


dashingblue said...

Oh! Syrian hamsters also got their own kind of food? O_o I didn't know that.

kisetsu said...

If I'm not wrong with the names of the food... My previous syrian hamsters love maize and alfafa (the green fibre thing) very much. The dwarf ones don't have these.

These few days I have been giving Hamlet the dwarf food, but she din touch much. When I gave her the treat you provide, she stuff herself full and eat from there. Need to look for those syrian types.

Your cottonball video coming up.

dashingblue said...

Oh! I am currently helping my brother's friend looking after a syrian hamster for about a week. It is big! Haha!

But I have got no syrian hamster food, so I guess no choice I will have to give what I have.

You mean the sunflower seeds? Hehe!

kisetsu said...

Hamlet din eat much sunflower seeds, though she accepts it when I hand-feed her. Probably it is her greedy nature that she won't turn down an offer. :) Haha. But her food bowl is left with alot of untouch sunflower seeds.