Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hamlet Swing

Seems like Hamlet is the only hammie who enjoys cleaning day. Because she can do the swing!

Click here if the video unable to load.


:Dhello! said...

haha how cute!

dashingblue said...

Hamlet swings!! =) WOW! She looks like she is really having so much fun!

Pam, how did you upload the video in blogger? I can never seem to get it right. Each time I upload, it turned out there are two videos! How to get rid of the other one? O_o

kisetsu said...

2 videos? I never encountered that before. For me, my previous attempts to upload to blogger kept failing. The server always disconnect halfway. So this is the first time it succeeded.

dashingblue said...

O_o You are so lucky! =P Ya, two videos. If I am not wrong, the second video is inactive. Only the first one can be played. But it looks horrid. >_< So I only upload my videos in youtube.