Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Relocation & Upgradings Part II

Fabian finally has the chance to upgrade to a decent cage.
When Fatty saw that the new cage was allocated to Fabian and not him, he gave the owner's hand a nip! -.-" Jealous mousey!
So we got him the same cage for him too.
He's good now.

*The above is a bundle sale consisting of the WILD cage, food bowl, bottle, toilet set, Minimal shreddered paper beddings, Marukan cottonball, excluding the wheel. Good deal eh! Got it below 30 bucks.


dashingblue said...

Pet Safari having bundle sale? O_o

kisetsu said...

Yes! I can't believe it too. It's packaged with all the necessities for a perfect hamster accommodation. Cheap bargain. =)