Sunday, March 9, 2008

Teamwork In Pulling Cottonball

Retardy may think he is eating the candy floss! Oreo looks like she uses 101% of her strength to pull the cotton.

Co-owner: "Retardy, what are you trying to do????"


dashingblue said...

Nice! =) Haha! Retardy really stuff a lot of cotton in his mouth! Helping Oreo to make the bed? Hehe! =P

Poor Oreo, Retardy should help her to pull mah! Haha!

Can I put this in my blog tonight? =)

kisetsu said...

Me & BF was wondering if Retardy thot he is stuffing himself with candy floss. Cos' after he stuff his pouch, he din release it at all. :p

We are actually laughing out loud when we saw Oreo pulling until she lies flat on the ground. So funny.

Sure thing, I have put you in the credit list, go ahead and put it on your blog.

dashingblue said...

Hahaha!! Thats really cute and funny! Haha! =) Thanks pam!

Ana Beaumont said...

sooo funny!