Saturday, May 30, 2009

Homeward Bound

Time passes so fast and Nibs & Oreo went home to their owner yesterday. It has been great fun having the two of them here. The nights were lively (Nibbles ran alot!) and the days kept busy playing with them.

The co-owner's plans to ham-nap Nibs weren't successful though. Haha. My plan to make them fat fat also failed. :(

Hope you two enjoy your stay here. :)


The last few weeks, the hammies were wondering what the owner was doing quietly at one corner. *sounds of scissors snipping and papers flying around*

Hamsty World has been on digital all the while and now a book for the first generation has been created. So happy to put them all in a book, but sadly, DLLG and Speedy were left out. Did not have a good picture of them both. (T_T)

Here are a few more pages.

I really have ugly handwrittings. -.-"

Monday, May 18, 2009


Spritez my little one. Found a wart growing on her abdomen. My heart literally sank. (T_T) Although this punky little one is still very active and happy, I'm the least happy about it.

My little Spritez, you have been one of my naughtiest and cutest hammies, and you always know how to communicate with me and have your way every time. Since the day I picked you up from SPCA, you are always with me. Just can't bear the thought of you having any health problems. :(

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Real Speedy Gonzales

*Warning* If you have motion sickness, please do not watch this video.

Everytime I watch Scratch runs, I would really get dizzy. He's like a bullet shooting thru'. It's almost like a game of pinball! The real speedy runner.


Came home and found Nibbles trapped on the top storey of his cage because the tube came off.

I wonder how long did he stay on the top cos' I came home quite late today. :D

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Getting Better

The tilted head is getting straighter and little Scratch is no longer running in circles that much. That's great news to us. And the little one now knows how to run the wheel (yup, he previously don't even touch it) and is really one fast hammie. We realize that he's got Yoshi's running style and Mochi's fitness level.

Not to mention, he does eat alot (like Moch).

Oreo's Protest

Don't call Oreo old, she can really climb and is still as active as ever. Here's the little one protesting to come out. She is already at the top of the bars!

But when she's in the playpen, she just snooze. -__-?

Hamlet's Playtime

When Hamlet is out, she runs everywhere. This time on the bed.

"Koff! I'm flatten!"

Hamlet is actually following the same pose as my leg, but my stumpy legs must not be seen by public. ^__^

"Where am I now??"

Lovely Hammy

Nibs is such a darling. The co-owner loves him so much that everytime when he comes over, the first thing he'll do is call: "Nibs Nibs!" And then, it's playtime with little Nibbles.

"You're calling me?"