Sunday, May 10, 2009

Oreo's Protest

Don't call Oreo old, she can really climb and is still as active as ever. Here's the little one protesting to come out. She is already at the top of the bars!

But when she's in the playpen, she just snooze. -__-?

3 comments: said...

Haha that's a sign that she wants a new cage :p

wiffy said...

lol! Yes, her agility beats some of the younger hams. Snoozing in playpen? haha ^o^

kisetsu said...

She likes the gingerbread house we put in for her. Most of her time, she is snoozing inside. But around dinner time, she will ask to go out and the co-owner will 'helicopter' her out. Haha.

But yup, donno why, when she's in the playpen, she started sleeping! :D