Monday, May 18, 2009


Spritez my little one. Found a wart growing on her abdomen. My heart literally sank. (T_T) Although this punky little one is still very active and happy, I'm the least happy about it.

My little Spritez, you have been one of my naughtiest and cutest hammies, and you always know how to communicate with me and have your way every time. Since the day I picked you up from SPCA, you are always with me. Just can't bear the thought of you having any health problems. :(


Anonymous said...

Oh no. Hope Spritez continues to lead a happy life despite the lump. Fingers crossed for Spritez.

Anonymous said...

May be you can take her to the vet - hopefully it's benign and can be left alone or removed through a simple op.

Our late Muffin had a few lumps that were successfully removed at Namly Animal Clinic.

Good luck, Spritez! Hang in there!

kisetsu said...

Thanks dudeb. I don't wish for an op because Spritez is quite old already. She was 1 yr old when I adopted her and I think she is coming to 2yrs old.

My previous hams had this wart like stuff growing as well. Even after ops, a few mths fwd, it'll grow back. So that's why.

wiffy said...

Oh dear, so sorry to hear that. I pray that Spritez will be ok and the wart won't grow any further. She is in my thoughts.

kisetsu said...

She's ok, still as punky as ever. The wart is something like what Neko has previously. I just hope she won't grow anymore else it will destroy her cute looks.

Ippo456 said...

Do you know whether it's cancerous or it's benign?
I hope it's the latter.
Maybe Spritez is still active because it doesn't bother him?