Saturday, May 30, 2009


The last few weeks, the hammies were wondering what the owner was doing quietly at one corner. *sounds of scissors snipping and papers flying around*

Hamsty World has been on digital all the while and now a book for the first generation has been created. So happy to put them all in a book, but sadly, DLLG and Speedy were left out. Did not have a good picture of them both. (T_T)

Here are a few more pages.

I really have ugly handwrittings. -.-"


dashingblue said...
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dashingblue said...

Great job! I would love to see the scrapbook one day! ^^ It is simple and nice.

Nonsense, your handwriting is very nice! Lol! I really love that cursive way of writing which I couldn't do it. I remember that time you sent me a X'mas card, my mum saw it too and complimented on the beautiful handwriting. Really... =) Haha!

I have some DLLG's photos with me. But they were not very clear too. Lil' L was munching on some cornflakes which he loved very much. =) I will senda to your email when I am free.

And thanks again for looking after Nibs and Oreo for me. =)

kisetsu said...

Hey Jac, how is Nibs & Oreo? They should be very happy to be back home. Haha. The last few days, could see that at times they look quite sad. Guess they are missing you. :)

Thanks for the compliment. Haha, I guess probably I was quite nervous when I was writing the scrapbook (once wrong, cannot correct) so it looks untidy. :)

I quite like LL's photo of him eating the cornflakes. But I need a high resolution file so that I can print it in 4R size. If you hav one, that would be great! :)

Sure thing, next time you come over, I'll show you the book. :D

wiffy said...

aww this is so sweet and a nice way to remember the hams! I like! Can show more pages? ;p Your handwriting looks nice :) last photo, is it also your writing?

dashingblue said...

Oh... They seem okay when they came home. Not excited or anything... -.-" I think they prefer being over at your place. Haha!

Yes Wiffy, the last photo is Pam's handwriting! Nice right? Looks like printed one! Haha!

Ippo456 said...

That's just handwriting?
I thought it was typed :-)
I wish I have the patience to scrapbook ...
I like the layouts, simple & pretty.

kisetsu said...

Thanks for the compliments from all. Yah, the last page is my handwritting and I was lamenting how untidy it was. Haha. Probably I can't see the beauty of it. :)

I bought a step-by-step instructional scrapbook and after completing it, I found it very easy. And it's quite fun. :D

Wiffy, sure thing, after I scan them into the PC. Ippo, it's really very easy. Just glue them up. :p Jac, wonder why, but at our side, they seems to be pouting. Haha.

dashingblue said...

Where did you buy the step-by-step instructional scrapbook? How much is it?

I didn't know got such thing cause I thought they sell everything separately and you just choose those you want. And when added up, it can be quite costly. (>.<)

I think I want to do something like this too for him... Hehe!

kisetsu said...

I got it from Urban Write. They sold lotsa scrapbook stuff. Yah, it was very ex if you piece everything together. But this SEI scrapbook sold in sets and they cost under 50. So I thot why not. :)

dashingblue said...

Haha! And where is Urban White? =P

Ippo456 said...

I did try scrapbooking at one point, but seems like after I've glued everything down, I don't like it's turned out .. & obviously you can't unglue something.
Plus, it's a pain (& expensive) getting all the materials, e.g. acid free paper, special scrapbooking glue, etc.

kisetsu said...

Urban Write is at Tampines One basement. Have a look! :) Once I entered, it took me abt an 1 hr before I was being dragged out by the other half. :)

Ippo - Haha, I know. Somehow, when something is written, it cannot be erased. So I have to make do with that ugly handwritting. :p

dashingblue said...

Oh! I will check it out. Thanks! ^^

wiffy said...

wahh... your handwriting sooo sooo nice leh!