Monday, May 11, 2009

The Real Speedy Gonzales

*Warning* If you have motion sickness, please do not watch this video.

Everytime I watch Scratch runs, I would really get dizzy. He's like a bullet shooting thru'. It's almost like a game of pinball! The real speedy runner.


Ippo456 said...

Muahahaha!!! I'm surprised he doesn't bump into anything when he runs that fast! For a while, I did get dizzy.
Is he running around in circles because of his vestibular disease syndrome?

kisetsu said...

He does if you look closely. But towards the end, I think he perfected his move and became so smooth in his transition around obstacles.

He's getting better. The circling is like the dog-trying-to-catch-its-tail kindda movement. Now Scratch seldom does it, and it's kindda a relief. He runs bigger circles now. :D

wiffy said...

I get motion sickness easily but I can't resist watching the vid =D oh my Scratch is fast, faster than a robo! At first I thought you fast forwarded the vid in editing, hehe ... He has good coordination in not bumping to the obstacles. Glad to hear that he's getting better now :)

kisetsu said...

Oh no, I din ff the vid, what you see is what you get. Scratch is darn fast. I would say he can compare to my R&R's speed.

I got old eyesights, when I see him run, he's a blur darting everywhere. He's too fast for me to even look at! :D