Sunday, May 10, 2009

Getting Better

The tilted head is getting straighter and little Scratch is no longer running in circles that much. That's great news to us. And the little one now knows how to run the wheel (yup, he previously don't even touch it) and is really one fast hammie. We realize that he's got Yoshi's running style and Mochi's fitness level.

Not to mention, he does eat alot (like Moch).

6 comments: said...

Uhm, what's "Yoshi's running style"?
It's good to hear that he's getting better.
Must be from all that love & affection he wasn't getting at the pet store.

dashingblue said...

I am falling in love with lil' scratch~~!!! Such a lil' cutie! ^^

wiffy said...


glad to hear that Scratchie is better & is a great runner. That picture of him is sooo cute, and the colourful background of the bedding just makes it an even cuter photo shot!

kisetsu said...

I'll try to make the video (if my movie maker cooperates) soon, and you'll know why I say it's Yoshi's running style. :)

He still don't like to be pick up by hand but is slowly responding to us. :)

Wiffy - yeah, I bought that bedding for the intention of photography. The hammies usually will cause a mess in the house when I'm not home. Thank god, Scratch is a good boy, he doesn't fling them out of his cage. :p

dashingblue said...

How do you find the Kaytee bedding? Is it good? =)

kisetsu said...

After 2 weeks, it's not as smelly as carefresh. But this bedding will not work with the hammies who like to make a mess of it. So, I'm only giving it to a few of them. :)