Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hamlet's Playtime

When Hamlet is out, she runs everywhere. This time on the bed.

"Koff! I'm flatten!"

Hamlet is actually following the same pose as my leg, but my stumpy legs must not be seen by public. ^__^

"Where am I now??"

5 comments: said...

She doesn't try to jump off the bed?
My syrians do, whenever they play on the bed :-)

dashingblue said...

Hamlet! So orangey! I love her fur color. =)

wiffy said...

Hamlet looks trim and fit! So kawaii ^^

kisetsu said...

She does, that's why the first photo shows her being flatten by me. :p I'm so afraid of her falling down.

Sometimes she'll open up her ears sideways, that's much cuter. :)

Hamlet is a strong climber, she's all muscular!

{Wan is me} said...

is she a syrian?