Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hi There Handsome

There was a joke which we previously cracked on Scar, the white hammy we adopted. As he was quite young then, we have doubts over his gender. One day, a conversation went (pardon the coarse words used):-

Me: "He looks like he has no balls..." (holding Scar & checking his organs)
Co-owner: "Is boy. Maybe have not develop. Still young."
Me: "What if he is female?"
Co-owner (without hesistation): "Then we call him Scarlet."
Me: -___-

Co-owner's straight-forward reply is really priceless.

By now, Scar no longer has the scar on his nose and has evolved into a very handsome likeable boy. Co-owner currently likes him alot because this little one always lick co-owner's nose when he placed his face near the cage. And yes, he is confirmed a male despite his feminine face. =D

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


This was the first time that the Hamsty hammies' lives are disrupted. The owner's home underwent some minor renovation but the situation was appalling. No matter how their cages were covered, the dust & debris found its way in. Scratch's whose cage was situated on the top had his eyes affected by the dust. In a bid to save all the hammies, the owner quickly bundled them up and fled to co-owner's house for refuge. In the whole month of July, the hamsters spent their time in their makeshift cages while the whole Hamsty World shut down.

Now, the hamsters finally settled down back to their original houses. Could see that they were overjoyed as they return back to their home. It was sad that EG never made it back to his old mansion. But during his final days, we managed to give him back his ham-head hideout. The little one was so happy that he slumped half his body in and refused to move.

All is well now and Hamsty's blog is resuming its regular business. =D