Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hi There Handsome

There was a joke which we previously cracked on Scar, the white hammy we adopted. As he was quite young then, we have doubts over his gender. One day, a conversation went (pardon the coarse words used):-

Me: "He looks like he has no balls..." (holding Scar & checking his organs)
Co-owner: "Is boy. Maybe have not develop. Still young."
Me: "What if he is female?"
Co-owner (without hesistation): "Then we call him Scarlet."
Me: -___-

Co-owner's straight-forward reply is really priceless.

By now, Scar no longer has the scar on his nose and has evolved into a very handsome likeable boy. Co-owner currently likes him alot because this little one always lick co-owner's nose when he placed his face near the cage. And yes, he is confirmed a male despite his feminine face. =D


Paula Regina said...

"And yes, he is confirmed a male despite his feminine face. =D "

Scar would be nice anyway: being a boy or girl!
In addition to beautiful, it's friendly and tenderness.

masterofboots said...

Oh nice! The scar healed! He looks so much happier now :) :)

dashingblue said...

What a beautiful hamster! ^_^ Loving the conversation, it's so funny! LOL!

kitmun said...


kisetsu said...

Oh yes, he is 'pretty friendly' and now he has a housemate to stay and communicate. Life is good for this ham ham, I would say. =D