Monday, May 11, 2009


Came home and found Nibbles trapped on the top storey of his cage because the tube came off.

I wonder how long did he stay on the top cos' I came home quite late today. :D


Ippo456 said...

Hihi, normally my hamsters would just jump down, but I guess Nibbles would rather have easy access to the wheel.

kisetsu said...

Psst, I think he's afraid of heights. Hahaha. :x

wiffy said...

wahahaha ... I think I had the same cage as well kept as a spare and some hamsters dare not use the tube down. So poor thing, I wanna hug Nibbles. At least he keeps himself occupied while waiting :D

kisetsu said...

Lucky he has the ball on the top to keep himself entertained. Heh heh. I'm sooo laughing at his plight. :p

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