Thursday, March 5, 2009

When Mochi Sleeps Again Forever

He doesn't care about a thing in this world. Not even the dangers that will befall on him when the baddie owner comes close.

This pose makes him looks like a chinchilla. Hmmm, he does bear some resemblance of Winnie the chin. :p

See, he's really a ham-of-all-faces. An 'au naturel'!

After one hour later, after I had my dinner and bath, he is still sleeping in the same position. Major concussion today eh Mochi? What did you do the whole day while I was away??

Mochi passed away! :( He will now forever be sleeping. (T.T)


Jazmyn Alexandria said...

Aww I'm so sorry!
RIP Mochi!

kisetsu said...

He died peacefully in his sleep.

RIP my mochi. :(

Jazmyn Alexandria said...

Same happened to my last hamster Snowbell.
She died in her sleep too. :(

kisetsu said...

Oh no, Snowbell is gone? RIP little one. No wonder you mentioned that she is dearly missed. Well, I guess the hams will meet up over at the rainbow bridge. :)

Ippo456 said...

AAaaww I'm sorry that Mochi has passed away!
At least he wasn't in any pain.
Yes, he does look like a mini version of Winnie :-)

kisetsu said...

Look like right. Heehee. He got so many faces. :p