Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Most Photogenic Award

We have started giving out our very own award of titles to our hammies. And the Most Photogenic Hamster award goes to..... *drumroll*

"Huh? Me?"

*try to look even cuter*

*head held high in honor*

See, he is not awarded for nothing. In all his photographs taken, he just looks so cute. Nope, he is neither a baby ham, but he just got this baby face. Like I always says: "Big eyes, stubby nosey, round face." That's my criteria of cute and he has it. :) Such an acomplishment, to think he was not good-looking at all when he was still a baby and with his torn ears. Now, he is such a prince charming ham. *love love*


Ippo456 said...

Are all your hamsters Chinese dwarfs?
They all look so tame!
How come Hermie doesn't run away when you open the cage door?

kisetsu said...

Nope. I don't think we have Chinese dwarfs in Singapore. I would like to have one Chinese as well (at least it probably speak our language ^^ just kidding)

Yup, most of my hams are very used to us by now. Even Hamlet & Spritez who are skittish back then, now let us hold & talk to them.

Hermie is now very curious. He will come up to the gate & look see. When we want to catch him, he will run inside, then comes up again when the coast is clear. Naughty.

bishop said...

Pretty little ears and
Big beautiful eyes.

So cute♪Lovely♪

kisetsu said...

Thanks Bishop. Yes, Hermie is very cute and we love him very much.

Ippo456 said...

Then, what type of hamsters are your hamsters (I know you also have white-faced Robos)?
Because I have 3 Russian dwarfs who are still mean to me & bite me even though I've never done anything to harm them.
I think they associate my fingers with treats.
Then, I remember someone telling me that Russian dwarfs are in general biters.

kisetsu said...

Ippo. Hahaha, everytime you mentioned your hamsters, it's like a love-hate relationship.

I never own a RC before, but most pple keep saying they are tamer than Winter Whites. All my dwarfs (except for the 2 robos) are WW and so far, we could play with them and disturb them to no end. But of cos' when they are angry or bad mood, they bite. But as they get along with us, they seldom bite hard. Just a little testing munch on our hands. :)

wiffy said...

I personally find WW more tame than RC. Hermie is so dashing. He knows the angle to tilt his head hehe

kisetsu said...

This kid is getting cuter each day. :)

Pmona said...

An award that's well deserved. And he has a cute name too!

kisetsu said...

Thanks Pmona. :)