Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Sleeping Position

The Sucker Fish Pose


wiffy said...

lol sleeping pose =D looks so uncomfortable to humans yet hamsters luv it ^^

kisetsu said...

Hmmm, so far I have slept in this kindda pose in bus (against the window screen). :p

Notice he could still even put his paw covering his mouth in a 'OMG' look. Haha.

Jazmyn Alexandria said...

Lol too cute! xDD

Ippo456 said...

Haha how is this comfortable?
The hammie is practically sleeping standing up right?

kisetsu said...

I donno. Whether it is comfortable??? But Hermie seems to frequently sleep in this manner after I add the new toy into the cage. So now he practically squeeze himself within the walls to sleep in this pose. The sucker fish pose. Haha. :D

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