Sunday, March 15, 2009

Afternoon Room Services

Cage cleaning process in the afternoon. And one hamster doesn't like it at all. The ham that doesn't like to be disturb in the afternoon is none other than Hamlet.
"Huh??? What's up?"

Room Service!



Ippo456 said...

AAaww! I think hammies in general don't like to be disturbed.
I notice that when I rearrange the furnishings inside the cage, the hammies like to move them back to where they were before ;-)
I want to see more pictures of Hamlet!

dashingblue said...

Yep! Same here... I too want to see more Hamlet big girl! ^^

kisetsu said...

The dwarfs are ok, they will wake up in a 'steam steam' face while they are being transferred to another cage. For Hamlet, she has to climb out of the cage by herself so she is quite unreluctant to wake up. ;o

Yah, we seldom have Hamlet up. Shall put her in more often. :)

wiffy said...

heh ... we wash cage for them, and yet they dare to give 'ham-ttitude' :D Hamlet is adorable :)

kisetsu said...

Yes, Hamlet turns out to be quite a nice ham. But she is easily frighten. Hmmm.