Saturday, January 16, 2010

Spokehams for Evian

I think my hammies can be the spokeperson for Evian mineral water. -__- (sounds like the StayDrenched Hamsters)

Co-owner's photography definitely needs improvements (bad framing)

The co-owner came up with all sorts of reasons about how the hammies will benefit from drinking mineral water blah blah blah. Basket, what kind of privilege is this? The owners here drink our very own Newater and the hammies drink Evian mineral water. -.-"


ippo456 said...

Over here in the US, most water bottle manufacturers just bottle tap water (which is free) & resell them at a profit (& I'm sure some are exported abroad too). Gas prices are so high because of all the plastic bottles that consumers use (plastic is made out of oil), thinking that they're drinking 'better' water.
As for your hamsters, I'm sure they're ok with cheaper brands. So long as they're provided with enough water, they're good :-)

kisetsu said...

I guess it's everywhere. We here also sell bottled water. But generally our country's water is clean enough for consumption straight from the tap.

Co-owner harps on 'mineral water' rather than our recycled water. Heh, it tastes the same to me though... -__-

wiffy said...

your hamster more high class than me! hahaha