Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hamsty Spa Services

As Earl Grey escaped the previous night and had fun in the wild, when he came back he's in for a bath! Ok, even before that, we already had the intention to bathe him cos' he stinks (maybe because of that he escaped).

So this morning, there is no excuse for him. Off he went to the torture chamber Spa Service. =)

Shampoo time

Drying time (note: he can still have snacks while being dried.)

Massage time

A video of how the massage is done. Erm, this is not ham abuse. Muahahaha.

After that, KO... Good life man you! -.-"


wiffy said...

actually I also think that EG escaped because you mentioned beforehand that you are going to shower him, lol

looks like Hamsty Spa Services will be more popular with humans than hams :D just kidding, I think EG looks like he's enjoying the massage. Glad he's back!

kisetsu said...

Hmmm yeah man, He's a techie, probably read it and hence escaped. :D

He's one of the kind. Others will dry themselves but he totally don't care abt being wet and instead of drying himself, he took out his seeds from his pouch and munch while I was the one drying him. -.-

ippo456 said...

It doesn't look like Earl Grey mind at all being showered! That's very unhamsterlike of hime!

On another note, I'd like to schedule an appointment for next week please!

Kisetsu said...

A different kind of ham he is.

Haha, for the chinnies or the robos? =p

kitmun said...

Hi how much do they sell the carefresh hamster bedding at PLC? it must be quite cheap as i see u use them for every of your hamster's cage

Kisetsu said...

It's not cheap from Plc. For a 50L it cost above $50. But the hammies here are softies, they prefer soft beddings. So I use this healthy pets bedding.

{Wan is me} said...

i thought u cant bathe hamsters??