Sunday, March 21, 2010

Satisfied Look

This is Ringo chan after-meal satisfied look.

Ringo is aging. She's getting thinner and now she can fit into her tiny foodbowl. No more fat fat.


wiffy said...

Ringo is still cute cute ... love the face and expression :)

kisetsu said...

She will automatically appear during dinner time. :D Satisfied lazy look. =.=

Lydia said...

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ippo456 said...

Aw, how old is Ringo?
Does she eat less now or she still eats a lot but doesn't get as fat?

kisetsu said...

Thanks Lydia.

Ringo, another 3 more mths will be 2yrs old. She eats alot (in fact she could finish her whole bowl of food within 1 day), but she lost weight. :(