Monday, March 8, 2010

A Series Of Unfortunate Events

It's a double whammy for us on Saturday as we sent two hammies to rest. On the same day, we had to dig two graves. Not really a pleasant day.

We found Rubie motionless on Saturday evening. Without any reasons, she passed on. We went down and had her buried. After that, we had our dinner and went home. It was almost 7pm plus, and time to feed our hammies. Hermie came out and when co-owner put the food on his bowl, he slumped over as usual to choose his selection. Little did we know....

Hermie died on the spot, body slump over the bowl, eyes open. We thought he was still choosing his food, but on closer look, he was no longer breathing. A depressive co-owner carried his body which was still warm, looked at me and said: "He still look so cute when he died." =.="

And so, nightfall near midnight, we were down at the park digging yet another grave beside Rubie.

What a sad day it was. We lost our little active Rubie and our cute Hermie. =(


Anonymous said...

oh dear... i'm so sorry. rest in peace rubie and hermie.

Noi❤Alexia❤Lolo said...

Oh rubie and hermie..
Both of you are my fav eventho we never met..
both of u really remind me of my A&L..
and i love you!

Rest in peace, lil one =(

kisetsu said...

It's a sad period of time at the Hamsty.

ippo456 said...

Aaww I'm so sorry to hear that you had to see 2 hamsters pass the rainbow bridge on Saturday!
I particularly like Rubie's cute little face, the one with no eyebrow. Probably Rubie was feeling lonely after her cagemate was gone :-(
He'll be forever memorialized as hamster of the month.

I guess Hermie thought he'd achieved everything he wanted in life & felt it was time to go :-(