Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hamlet's Funeral

As the chimes rang, Hamlet was gone. An instinct asked me to take a look at Hamlet. We found her not moving. Yesterday late night, while co-owner was feeding her, we noticed she was terribly weak. From the start of this week, there was already an awful strench emitting from her body. I have been keeping her cage clean with constant change of bedding, but it doesn't help. Hamlet finally succumbed to her tumors and passed on peacefully today.

We don't post photos of our hammies' burial up to now. But for Hamlet, I think we do need to keep some posted. She has been a favourite among some readers here, and her time with us brought us much joy. She is probably 2yrs 2mths by now.

It's our dry season, Hamlet's burial was not easy due to the harden ground. This is our usual way of burial. Do not read from here on if you can't stomach the photos.

Hamlet's body in a ziplock (to prevent surrounding flies from attacking while we dig).

Preparing the grave. The soil was ultra hard today.

We pour water in to dissolve the soil for easier digging.

One last look at Hamlet's lifeless body.

The final burial. Hamlet's body is wrapped with tissue before laying to rest.

Rest in peace Hamlet. May you join the Hamsty family at Sunflower valley without anymore sufferings. :(


dashingblue said...

Hamlet big girl... I miss you so so so much... :( I also miss all your "picasso artwork." You were such an artistic hamster. I will never forget the day I picked you up from your previous owner and the short moments you spent over at my house. To me, you were like the mini-version of teddy bear because of your teddy ears... Rest in peace big girl... You are dearly missed...

ippo456 said...

Aaawwww!!!!! I'm sorry to hear about Hamlet!
I was hoping that the lumps were benign cysts.
But 2 years 2 months is a long time and I'm sure she had a very comfortable life with you.
It was too bad we didn't hear more stories of her.
Hamlet was so cute, all orange with her grey ears. When I first read about her, I thought it was a 'he' because of the name.
Now she's in a better place, somewhere with no pain.

kisetsu said...

Haiz, at least her sufferings finally ends. Not that she suffers much, but it pains me to see her so weak and having difficulties in moving around, falling every steps. Her condition deteriorates the start of this week and we already brace ourselves for this.

Frankly speaking, I was very angry and upset cos' the day when I got Hamlet over, I was in full of hope that Hamlet will live pass the 3yrs mark without health condition. Yet, she became one of the worst case that I ever seen. Something is really not right for hamsters these days.

wiffy said...

So sad to come back from holiday and saw this sad news. But like you said, now Hamlet is no longer suffering. Yes I am sure she is now happy in Sunflower valley with the Hamsty Family. Really enjoyed Hamlet's photos and reading about her antics ... she was so agile and fun to read about. I'm really sorry for your loss. Hope you feel better soon. Rest in peace Hamlet.

Kisetsu said...

Like usual practice, a memorial for Hamlet coming up. :(

ippo456 said...

Yes, my vet even told me that when she was in college (early 90s), hamsters lived up to 5 years+. It's because of inbreeding & breeding that is not selective enough that now hamsters are lucky to make it pass the 2-year mark. I remember you posting that 2 years is a halfway point for Syrians as they could live up to 3 years. I was disappointed & said to see Baby Hamster leave so soon, too.

Ms J said...

Sorry to hear about Hamlet.. May she rest in peace.. Hopefully my dearie Jimi & Mija will stay longer with me.