Sunday, February 14, 2010


Just now co-owner suddenly exclaimed: "There's an egg in the cage!" Curiously I took a look.

That's no egg! That's a curled up sleeping Hamlet. But she does looks like one in a nest though. :D

ps. Hamlet is doing quite ok. I guess probably because the lumps on her chest burst and she's feeling much better?


ippo456 said...

That's a really cute picture!
When I saw the title "egg" and saw the picture, I really thought it was an egg too.
The lump burst? So I'm assuming it was just a cyst? I hope it won't come back like Baby Hamster's cysts that kept coming back. But when he was prescribed antibiotic, they stopped coming back & newly formed ones disappeared.
Hope Hamlet is doing well.
How old is Hamlet?

kisetsu said...

You mean baytril? I have a bottle of it, but I don't really wanna feed that to Hamlet. Just so afraid of the consequence.

Hamlet is >2yrs old now. She's quite inactive these days, just moving from her toilet to foodbowl and to her bed. She's not like before now.

wiffy said...

the angle and her fur colour really resembles an egg :D

Hope Hamlet is feeling better now.

kisetsu said...

She is very slow these days. Not that I'm pessimistic. Her time is coming soon. :(