Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dusty Ham

Kopi yoyo! You need to do some spring-cleaning man. How come you are so dusty?

"I'm innocent!"


ippo456 said...

He's not dusty!
Just because his coat color is like a kopi, doesn't mean he's dirty :p

ps: what's that wooden ladder on Kopi's left by the water bottle?

kisetsu said...

No, he 'IS' dusty. Haha. I think I have to zoom in more. Precisely his color coat is dark, the dust is very visible. =)

That's the wooden bendable bridge. I swapped from Ringo to Hamlet and now to Kopi. Everyone will have a change of toys. :)

wiffy said...

haha, must use those anti dust thing to shake off all the dust lol *bully*

kisetsu said...

I think the hammies are really good 'vacumm cleaners', they pick up all the dust. :D