Wednesday, February 10, 2010

HOTM Awards

Hermie's interview finally on-air! :D Hope over to Hamster Hideout for his winner speech. Once again, thank you all for voting for little 'prawn mee'. :) *Hermie bow in gratitude*

He has been asking when could he get his rewards. I told him 'no cert, no rewards'. :D So today, finally when I got his cert, we had a mini award ceremony for him. :p

(oO) "My rewards!"

"Give me give me."

"I said give it to me already!" *pissed* -.-

nom nom nom


Noi❤Alexia❤Lolo said...

For sure, Lolo will get jealous (lol).

Congratz Prawn Mee!

kisetsu said...

Well, Lolo too can enter the contest when it starts again. :) Oh dear, prawn mee, for sure Hermie will not be too happy to hear that name. Muahahaha.

ippo456 said...

Oooo that treat looks good!
I'm going to look for it the next time I go to Singapore ;-)
I can see where Hermie chews the cage bar (the paint has chipped off) ;p
I enjoy the interview, it's quirky.
I can't believe you stole his gf away from him!

kisetsu said...

I can't help but keep laughing as I look @ Hermie wanting the treat. In fact, he 'snatch' the treat from me. He's actually in a tug-o-war with me. :D

Oh no, Hermie don't really chew the bars. He merely bite & hang there. Those marks are made by previous hammies. I think either Yoshi or Retardy.

Well, tat interview is honest account since his day one. And ahem, well I didn't really steal his gf, just merely re-allocate to better suitor. Muahaha. (^^)v

wiffy said...

He really looked happy nomming on the treats :D

kisetsu said...

Before that, he was really pissed. :D