Sunday, March 14, 2010

At Home

I love this Living World hideout. All hammies love it too, especially Hamlet. Now, I have pass it over for Ringo. Ahhh, slack Sunday, Ringo is at ease in her home on a 10am morning. :D

"I'm not coming out at all."


Noi❤AnL said...

HAHAHHA.. Look at the funny face!! I wonder will she come out if you give her sunflower seeds from afar?

What a cozy moments! LOL

Kisetsu said...

Oh, if she smell food, she will definitely come out. She's the greediest among all the hams. ;)

ippo456 said...

Where did you get that house?
I like the combo of pink & white carefresh.

kisetsu said...

Bought it at PLC our local petstore. There are many different types, but all are so expensive.

Too bad we do not have other colors of carefresh here. Else, it would look very colorful.

ippo456 said...

Next time I fly to Sg, I can bring you blue & purple carefresh :-)

ippo456 said...

Actually, I think I've seen a mixed colored Carefresh, with 5 or 6 colors in a bag.