Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hamlet's Rewards

After a few weeks stalking out in the hallway, Detective Hamlet finally debunks the 7th month ghostly encounter myth! Yay for Hamlet. She is granted back to stay in the bedroom with all the other dwarfs. :)

Heh heh, ok. Like old gramps' saying, "there's no such thing as ghost." Everything has a scientific reasons. Moreover, I think most of my RIP hammies pass away peacefully and were given proper burial, so there is no reasons for them to come back and haunt. :)

Back to Hamlet. After looking thru' some forum posts which post photos of the slient spinner, I now who what the heck that wheel looks like. Goon me, I've been having those wheels for my dwarfs and yet I don't know about it. Apparently, I have been buying the Japanese brand Wild, which is the same wheel. So we got the large one and gave it to Hamlet. Yay, no more noise!

Somehow I get the feeling she still prefers her old noisy wheel.....


dashingblue said...

Hiya Hamlet big girl!! Do you like your beautiful new wheel! ^^

Pam, does that wheel comes with the stand? =P

kisetsu said...

She doesn't run very fast now. (T.T) Not appreciating the wheel....

Nope, it did not come with the stand for the Jap brand "Wild". But the Slient Spinner does. Too bad they only have the big ones for Chins. Too big for Hamlet & her cage.

wiffy said...

ahahah... your movie credits are always funny! Hamlet is a cute girl, love her antics. I got the wheel for Neko too because he made rackets with his former wheel and woke me up at night :(

kisetsu said...

Nowadays Hamlet is quite attached to me though sometimes she is panicky. She's good, very clever.

Actually, sometimes it is not the wheel that is noisy. The vibrations tends to generate from the grills of the cage as well. The grills are loose and causes the wheel to vibrate, giving out the loud noise. -.-"

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