Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ham Nest

Stubby really is an expert in nest-making. He uses the cotton to make a cave that fits snuggly one little ham in it. And the foundation is so strong that it won't go out of shape when the wind blows.

I'm so proud of you lil' Stubby. You are a male hamster and yet you are so good in making a nest. :)


dashingblue said...

Wow! That is a change! =P

I have never seen a male ham making a real nice nesting house. ^^ I guess this shows that Stubby will make a wonderful husband and housemaker too. Hehe~~

Clever Stubby!

kisetsu said...

Probably it grows with age?? Stubby is an old hammie now and still single. :p He is one of the oldest. I guess he just started making this nest a few months ago and now he makes it all the time.

Could see he is a little frustrated as we destroy it everytime we change beddings, but he gets a new one (same design) up again in no time. Haha.

Cute. (^.^)

wiffy said...

^ in addition to wonderful husband and housemaker, Stubby is a gifted architect too! hehe ... so cute to see their creations :D

kisetsu said...

No no, Stubby is still single. Haha. But he's not available. He rejects all female advances. Haha. He probably learnt architect lesson secretly. Keke. :)