Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sharpie's Backward Stunt

There is always a reason why Sharpie is rated the most intelligent hammie in Hamsty Family. He protests when he did not get his dinner on time, he knows how to find the direction of the fan to sleep on hot days. But the one thing that distinguishes him from the rest, when placed on high ground, Sharpie always goes down butt first. It's always been his practice of going down since young. I guess he knows that it is safer to land without much injuries this way. Clever boy!

I want to put this video up as Sharpie does not have much time left. We found a big lump on his right side and we know his days are limited. My one and only clever hammie might not last long. The owner is in incosolable mode. Sob sob. :(

"Relax, I'm still around!!!"


Ippo said...

Haha so cute!
It looks like he enjoys sliding backwards like little kids on the slides.
Hopefully he'll go away peacefully & with not much pain.

kisetsu said...

Sigh~ I do hope he could be with me for a longer time. He is so cute and I enjoy his company alot.

Brownie said...

Hi Hamsty! Nice to meet you. I can understand you, but I know you can understand me (on my blog). The next time you can use the translator @ my sidebar, don't worry, I check the post with it to be sure you will understand it ;)
PS: Nice video!

wiffy said...

What a clever & special ham indeed ... so special. I AM convinced that Sharpie is the world's smartest hamham :)

Hey ... don't feel sad, I can totally understand your thoughts now. Just treasure the time with Sharpie now... anyway, some hams can still live quite long even with a lump ... cheer up, girl :)

kisetsu said...

Hey Wiffy, I think Neko is still the smartest high tech ham. Heh heh.

Sharpie is still very much ok, still stout and eats alot. But I think he sleeps alot more these days.

Hi Brownie, yes. I can understand your blog now. :)

wiffy said...

Hey! Rubie has been shortlisted for HOTM voting!

Thanks for participating!~ :D

kisetsu said...

Oh yah, I saw it. Thanks to those who voted for Rubie. (^^)

I did vote for other hamsters too. They are soo cute. Sorry Rubie, I'm a betrayer. :p