Wednesday, August 20, 2008

7th Month Hungry Ghost Story

The burning smell of paper and incense roamed through. Up the lonely stairway to the 13th floor, there is a long dark corridor. Towards the end of the dark corridor with flickering lights, there is an unpainted door. Enter the dark hall of the apartment....., there is an old man sitting back watching Olympics *that’s besides the point!*.

1 meter away from where the old man sits, there laid a couple of abandoned cages. The grills were rusty and stained with dust. The beddings in it looked old and musky. Uneaten treats were left scattered all round the floor of the beddings. Wheels left dangling halfway or unfixed. Surrounding the cages are excess hammies accessories that are not in use. This is the place where the grim reaper once roamed and terrorize those hammies who stayed at the hallway. This is the place where a lot of hamsters suffered their last moments. This is the place where hammies died without a reason or cause!

The clock strikes 12 midnight, the streets turn quiet, and all the people who are busy with burning hell notes and incense retreat back home. Peaceful at last…. Among the noise generated by the TV, little squeaks could be heard. Passed 1 am, skitters sounds started and sounds of wheels churning could be heard along the dark hall. Shadows starts forming and soon on the dusty wooden floor, little shadows are found roaming around the living hall. The old man brushes away the thought.


Come next morning, the old man asks the owner has her hammies escaped again from her room. (o.O) Well, Hamlet is no longer residing in the hallway. All my hammies are still in their cages at my room, so no hamster escaped. So what’s with the ‘woo woo’ thing!

The Hamsty hammies and the co-owner are puzzled by this phenomenon. Debunk this myth! Call the Ham Buster here please!


Hamster Hideout said...

maybe the hams went out for a walk, and comes back b4 the hoomans checked on them (like in hamtaro?) ... haha, hope u solve the mystery soon and tell us what happened... btw, I like your narrative style... nice job building up the mood!!

Ippo said...

So scarryy!

kisetsu said...

Wow, I doubt my hammies know how to find their way back home. So far only little Stig came back to my room after his little escapade. The rest needed a 'mouse hunt' to find them.

We are still unable to conclude these sounds but we are sending Hamlet to stay in the hall to investigate. Haha.

Ippo - my neighbourhood is at the most scariest during the Chinese Hungry Ghost month. Probably cos' we are staying at the older estate. :p

But seriously, most hams who stayed in the hall did not live long and passed away suddenly. It's scary!!! :s

dashingblue said...

Wah~ Poor Hamlet... She will be so lonely staying in the hall all by herself... T.T

wiffy said...

I read the nice things you wrote about HH at the forum ... so touched ^^ ... thank you! :)

kisetsu said...

Her wheel is too noisy. :p Since she got a very good sense, maybe she can provide us a better hint of what's going on. Keke.

HI Wiffy, wrote a little outta question though. :p