Sunday, August 24, 2008

Birthday Cake for Retardies

The Retardies have a birthday cake each for themselves cos' it is their birthday month as promised!

Timid Retardy sniffing his cake

Dwarfie Retardy nipping the nuts on the cake

White Tardy is spoilt rotten. His mother-in-law even put a candle!!

Coming up, the birthday bash photos of Retardy, Oreo and Mayo.


Ippo said...

Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday to Timid & White Retardies.

kisetsu said...

Hahaha. Do let us know when Daddy & Baby Hamsters' birthday are coming. We will celebrate with you too. (^^)v

wiffy said...

How lucky for them to have their personal birthday cakes!! :)