Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Retardies

Oh Tardies, this month is your birthday month!! Gosh, I almost forgot! Hey, maybe we should celebrate our birthdays together eh, since we are the August babies. :) Ok, I'll buy a cake for each one of you.

White Tardy, though you are 2km away from us, you are not forgotten. :p Happy 2 years birthday.


Hamster Hideout said...

woah, it's the retardies birthday!! *throws confetti*

Happy Birthday Retardies!! Although I have not seen you furballs in real life before, I enjoy reading about your mischievous antics and admire your cute photos ... I feel (i think it's one sided, heh) a special (invisible/long-distance) friendship with the retardies.

And kisetsu, ur birthday is on 13 aug?? Sorry I am one day late... Happy belated birthday! Hope you birthday wishes come true :)

dashingblue said...

Wah! So sweet~~~ ^^ Happy birthday Retardies! Two years old now?

Oreo and Mayo is also going to be one year old this Sept. =)

Anyway, Retardy looks like he is losing some fur at his belly... And also a little off the center of the eyes... Not sure why got fur loss... =( Are these signs of aging?

Ippo said...

Heppi heppy burfday heppy burfdayyy!
Where is white Tardy?
They have such funny names.
At first, I thought they were really retarded.

kisetsu said...

Hey Wiffy, how did you know my birhtday? I din write it anywhere. Thanks all for the wishes and for hammies.

Oh, the Tardies are great fun. Dwarfie is really a protest king (most mischievous), Timid is... well... timid. And not to say the very lazy White Tardy who is at his mother-in-law's residence. Ippo - he's staying at Dashingblue's home which is 2km away from us (sometimes I can hear him shout: "Woohoohoohoo, this is life!") I hope to visit him soon. Been missing him so much.

The belly fur loss is quite common but the eye??!! Oreo bully him??? :p Hmmm, I really need to pay him a visit soon. I miss him very much.

dashingblue said...

Haha! Tardy has been a rather good boy... Whenever I open the cage door, the two hams will walk towards me as if asking for a good pat! ^^

Yeah, I did wonder if it was because of Oreo grooming his head occasionally (well, he likes it! =P)... Hmmm... The fur loss is near the corner of his left eye. It looks fine, no blood, no wound, nothing... Probably just fur loss...

kisetsu said...

Heh heh, do they still bicker like last time? They seems like behaving like a real couple now. Good to know Oreo is grooming him. In most couples, I always see the female grooming the male. It looks so lovey dovey. Heehee.

Probably it's old age thing. Whitehead here, his bald patch never regrow. And he is not itching or any sickness. I guess when male hams grow old, they become botak also, like men. :p

dashingblue said...

Gosh! Hahahahaha~~ Poor Tardy is experiencing some balding... >.< I just hope the fur will regrow, he just looks a little awkward. O.o

Yep~ I don't know why but it is always the female grooming the male... Even my cats too. O.o

They don't bicker as much as before... But Oreo still shriek once in a while probably because she don't like Tardy disturbing her at that moment. =P Haha!

kisetsu said...

Heh heh, don't tell Tardy that we gossip about his balding. Wahahaha.

Think now, they are into loving mode already, compared to last time. Heehee. Compared to last time when they first started out. Totally cannot sleep at nite. Haha.

dashingblue said...

Hahaha! Yep! It is like sleepless nights with their endless bickering last time! O.o Haha!