Thursday, September 11, 2008


My Goodness!!! What happened to

Months back, this is the cute demure Ringo chan.

Barely a few months down the road, she transforms into a big fat obese hamster!!

Not only she is 2 times the size of Timid Tardy, she has becomes the fattest hammie in the Hamsty family. "Chan Mali Chan", you need to do something about your weight eh. I really can't help but call you "Fatso" now you know. (^^)

Notice how her big butt wiggles when she runs. Tsk tsk. I couldn't help but laugh. Ringo, you really are fat fat. Heehee.

And I really wonder why all my girl hammies are always super plump.... (??)


wiffy said...

what happenedddddd

kisetsu said...

Stay tuned. ;) Goon owner forgot to bring photos to upload and hence only the script. :p

Ippo said...

?? What what ??
I hate it when that happens .. I see the animals doing something real cute, but I don't have my camera on me. Once I get the camera ready, they're off doing something else.

kisetsu said...

Haha, Ippo I can identify with that. :) But then again, sometimes their actions are too fast and it appears as a blurr on the photo. Tsk, maybe I'm a lousy photographer.

wiffy said...

wahahaha ... I love chubby hamhams leh ... can squash!! They are excellent stress balls XD

kisetsu said...

Big no no for me. Now this little fatso can't even climb up stairs. Tsk tsk. She's still so young, need to be more active. :)

Ippo said...

She's sooo fat!!
How big is that green wheel? Is that the mid-size silent spinner? If it is, she's as big as a Syrian!!
How do you get her that big?
Sunflower seeds?

kisetsu said...

That wheel is another Japanese brand wheel for dwarfs. Most hamsters fit in, but for Ringo, I think I need to upsize! It's getting small for her. :s

Ringo by nature is really greedy, when food comes, she hoards up all the food leaving little/nothing to Tardy boy. I was away for a few days and I put alot of food for them. Then when I came back, she put on extra weight. -.-" She eats almost anything offered to her.

dashingblue said...

Bwah! Ringo is sucha fat cutie! Haha~~ I wonder if she is as fat as Mayo. Haha!

kisetsu said...

She is definitely fatter. Mayo is big, but she is fat. She is so meaty. I think because she lacks of exercise. She hardly runs the wheel and eats alot.

She's on a diet and exercise routine now. Being enforced. :p