Monday, September 8, 2008

To Sunflower Valley Dwarfie Retardy

We just barely celebrate your 2 year old birthday, my Tardy boy. You were so happy and as agile as ever, always jumping around. Then a few days ago, you did not come down and greet me the usual way. I have to pull you out from the top storey to give you goodnight kiss. But you showed no signs of sickness at all. :(

Dwarfie Retardy stopped breathing on Friday 05th Sept 2008 around 8.15pm. Before he took his final breath, he was crying. His tears soaked thru' the tissue paper we wrapped him up. Little Tardy was laid to rest at 9pm. Really miss his greeting whenever we came home, really miss his pouncing out of the cage when we open the door for him. :(


wiffy said...

I'm so sorry Kisetsu :( I feel like crying after hearing the news ... I really love the retardies :( He had a good life with you.

Hope you feel better soon, Dwarfie Retardy will always live on in our fond memories. Hopefully, he meets my darlings Small Ears, Sparkles, Jassiez and company at the Sunflower Valley too. They will make super friends.

kisetsu said...

We will keep a few days of silence for my little warrior. He is such a little fighter. It is also the first time I've seen a hamster cry, I think he really didn't want to die. Somehow he did not show any signs of sickness or anything abnormal until he went into the 'position' on Friday. :(

Ippo said...

Aawww that goes to show that hamsters feel pain & even cry to show it.
I'm so sorry.
I know how it feels like losing a hamster.

kisetsu said...

It must be terribly painful for him.

Hope he is with other hammies and his brothers/sisters over the other side.