Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pressing Wrong Mouse

A classic case of pressing the wrong 'mouse'.

EG: "I'm not that mouse!" *pissed*

Oops. Another ham abuse act recorded yet again. :p

ps: Owner's explanation: "But can't blame me, Earl Grey likes to buzz around my laptop. He's a techie."


✿A 'n' L✿ said...

Haha.. what a funny face you make, EG! (lmao)

kisetsu said...

He's got this 'WTH' look on his face. :D

wiffy said...

wahahaha, how come recently so many ham abuse acts ... I guess tis the season to be notti? hehehe EG looks so innocent in the photo :D

Hey I always like to pretend my hamster is a computer mouse too! *hi 5* the left ear is the left button, right ear is the right button, and the dorsal strip is the "wheel" ... I think this is the most high tech & adorable wireless "mouse" one can own ;)

kisetsu said...

Somehow, recently all the ham abuses happens to Earl Grey and Hermie! Wahaha. Even co-owner cannot take it down watching me in the acts. :D

Wah, Wiffy, you really treat the ham as a 'mouse'! Haha. This wireless 'mouse' also consume alot of food. :p

Ippo456 said...

Earl Grey is one fat hamster (or at least in comparison to your hand, he looks fat for a dwarf).
How do you have your hamsters not fall when they're out on the table? Are they really tame & bums in real life?

kisetsu said...

Hmmm, Earl is 56g. So he is relatively fat! :D

Nah, they don't stay still, they move around. So far only Stiggy knew how to stay still, the rest will be exploring every corner they can find. So under watchful eyes.

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