Sunday, December 20, 2009


Hamlet is the only hammie that has food for her christmas photoshoot. She's so happy to eat till her heart content that she happily clean her icing stained whiskers! =p


wiffy said...

She looks really pretty and tame. Yes she looks contented cleaning her whiskers <3

kisetsu said...

Yupz, she's very tame now and can be squeezed. =) Happy cos' she licked clean the icing on the cake.

ippo456 said...

I think that short-haired Syrians are cuter than long-haired ones.
Hamlet is on my list of the many hamsters I want to steal.

kisetsu said...

Oh dear, seems like majority of my hamsters are in your list Ippo. Haha.

But you already have Daddy Hamster!