Saturday, December 5, 2009


Today, for no reason, we decided to ham-nap (kidnap) Hermie. :D We put him into a guni-sack and tie him inside for some time. (^^) Bwahaha, the two owners are really evil to use him this way for entertainment pleasure. :p


In the hands of the kidnapper

He really looks like an innocent victim.


Fabian said...

Oh, so cute eyes! I love this kind of fun if the pictures become so nice :) What kind of hamster is this?

kisetsu said...

Hi Fabian, this is a mottted winter white. :D It's fun to disturb them sometimes. :)

wiffy said...

LOL!!! Roar!! This is so funny. You managed to find a hamster-sized guni sack for the evil deed.

Hermie got the "what's happening" dazed look. Another ham abuse recorded muhaha ^_^

Anonymous said...

It's actually a small sack which co-owner use to keep his camera flash. As he was preparing the photoshoot, I use it to contain Hermie. Hahaha.

Ippo456 said...

Are you sure Hermie isn't enjoying this? I see a similar pouch being sold in petstores marketed as hamster nap-sack.

kisetsu said...

Erm, I dangled him inside the bag for some time. Hmmm, he probably panicked a little. So hee hee hee.

Nap sack? A hamster hammock?

Ippo456 said...

No no, like this[]=tags&includes[]=title

Ippo456 said...

Sorry that was a bad link, here

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