Sunday, December 20, 2009

X'mas Mood At Hamsty

The Christmas deco are up. Each hammie's house will have a wreath on the door.

Oh, two hammies are captured in the photo. =)


wiffy said...

Cheers for the festive mood at Hamsty Avenue! I see Hamlet... where the other hamham?

kisetsu said...

Supposed to be Scratch, but I think he blended into the white background. Haha. He's staying at Spritez cage now.

ippo456 said...

How festive with the wreaths on the hamster cages!
By the way, that's a lot of hamsters haha!
I really like Hamlet's cage. What's that wooden bridge in her cage?

kisetsu said...

Finally after so many years, I found the mini christmas wreaths. So cute! *glee*

I think the brand is Minimal. It is a bendable wooden bridge. Very useful.

I switch it from Ringo's cage to Hamlet so that big girl can practice climbing. =D