Saturday, December 12, 2009

Third Party Listener

We owners usually like to have our conversations in the room. Usually one will sit on the floor and the other on the bed, talking loudly across. And there is one hammie who always wanted to know what the conversation is. So before we know it, at one corner Hermie will comes out and sit on his ladder platform, eyes level within the space of the grills and listening intently to what we are talking about.

I think it is so cute of him! Everytime we talk, he will definitely sit there and listen without interrupting us. He is just lovely! =)

Oh, btw, it's Hermie's birthday month. Happy 2 years old Hermie! *throw Hermie into the air* =D


{Wan is me} said...

wow! 2 years already? HAPPY BIRTHDAY HERMIE!!!!

kisetsu said...

He still manage to retain his young physique and aging slowly. :)

wiffy said...

What a cute capture! Hermie does look like he is listening intently... so cute ^.^

Happy Birthday Hermie! When's the actual day? :)

kisetsu said...

Very kpo hammie. :p

We don't know his actual dob because we bought him from petshop. So we only this is his birthday month.

(◡‿◡✿) Noi said...

He acted just like Lolo.. Kepoh one! HAHA
Everytime I talk with my roommate, there he is, peeking and squeaking. I guess he want me to talk to him, instead!

kisetsu said...

Aahh! Yes, I think Lolo is also an attentive listener. Isn't it cute that the hammies also wants to join in the conversation. Very kaypoh! :p

ippo456 said...

Happy 2 years young and he may live 2 more long years :-)
Hermie looks like he might want to join in the conversation if he could talk.

kisetsu said...

I hope so Ippo, may he preserves his longetivity! =)

Yeah man, if you see him in real-life, he seriously enjoying the conversation! Cute. =D