Monday, November 16, 2009

A Very Essential Problem (Part 2)

This is our very story.


Following that email after many years. We became proud owners of the Hamsty family. And seriously I never had male hamsters until this family began, thus clueless to the needs of the males.

Then one night, I went about doing my own business on my laptop while little Stiggy (Fatty) as usual sat beside me on the bed. As I typed my stuff, I peered over to see what Stiggy was doing. The little one was sort of cleaning himself.

Then something caught my attention. “What’s that pinky color thing?”

On closer examination, I found Stiggy happily sucking his little wee wee.

“Wow!” I called co-owner excitedly. “Stiggy! Stiggy’s pink sticky!”

“What pink sticky?” An annoyed co-owner responded.

“I saw Stig’s pink stick! You know, pink stick!” Co-owner had no idea what was going on until I explained the process to him.

That weekend, co-owner bunked over and was playing with the hammies while I was happily playing Maple Story until midnight. (Hey, duty of caring the hammies needs to be rotated right?)

“Honey. Honey. HONEY!” Co-owner shouting from the room.

“Stop disturbing me. I’m trying to figure out this level!” Annoyed that co-owner disrupted my gameplay with his shrieking in the dead of the night.

“Honey, look honey!” Co-owner ran out from the room towards me with one palm facing me while the other hand grabbing Stiggy.

It didn’t make any sense to me until I saw there was a small lump of opaque jelly on his palm.

“What did you do?” I questioned co-owner. (o_O)

“You told me about the pink stick and I wanted to see for myself.” Co-owner explained.

“So?” I answered matter-of-factly.

“So I thought I try to make his pink stick stand up by tickling him down there.” Chuckled co-owner.

“And within minutes, the pink stick shot up and shoot this liquid out!!” A triumphant co-owner stood proudly while an innocent-looking Stiggy was dangling in his other hand without any knowledge of what conversation the two owners were talking.

I looked at co-owner wide-eyed: “WHAT?! What have you done to my Fatty boy!”

And so, this was how little Stig was molested by the co-owner! -.-


✿A 'n' L✿ said...

Now that's make me scared of co-owner. I hope he never know I'm exist. (lol)

A hamster being molested by human. Sound sooooooooooo scary!


kisetsu said...

Human's curiousity is really deadly. Hahaha. Lolo, you looked like Stiggy. :D

ippo456 said...

Didn't know the co-owner likes to sexually harass male hamsters!

ps: how is it that your dwarfs are so tame & they would sit quietly on the table without escaping? Which of your dwarfs are the tamest & what breed are they? I want :-D

kisetsu said...

Human curiousity. Tsk tsk. Ippo, don't try. :p Hahaha.

Yes, that's Fatty (3rd batch). I chose him to be my fav. hamster among all the rest & he practically with me all the time. Only he could do that. Not to say, he went missing the most number of times but we still manage to find him back. :)

He's a winter white. I have all the WWs.

wiffy said...

this is kind of gross and funny O_O the co-owner is now aka a ham molester. tsk tsk tsk ;p and poor Fatty! lol

kisetsu said...

And he dare to call me the 'Ham Abuser'. :D Pot calling the kettle black. :D

{Wan is me} said...


kisestsu said...

No worries, no ham was harmed in the process. :E