Sunday, November 1, 2009

Spritez Love

There might not be much time left for Spritez. Her tumor has grown bigger on her belly. So far, she did not shown any signs of pain nor discomfort. Is still eating heartily (big appetite) and moving around normally (less active in wheel running). But when a lump appears during old age, seriously there's not much time left.

We are still considering going to the vet because like co-owner says, it will be the same decision. In the meantime, we are keeping her cage clean and hygiene, giving her lotsa her fav. food and as well as more freedom in space. She is our priority hammie and we serve her first instead of the rest.


✿A 'n' L✿ said...

Oh Spritez..
Wish you get well soon :(

Alexia & Lolo

kisetsu said...

Not to be pessimistic but it's a real bad thing.

wiffy said...

Oh dear ... :(

What's important for now is that she's not in pain or anything. I'm glad she's still eating well and active. It's sweet that you are really putting her as a priority ham now. I'm praying for her recovery.

kisetsu said...

She eats alot. I always see her munching away. I hope that she can stay longer with us cos' she is a very intelligent hammie and she knows ways to manipulate the owner. Very fun to have her. :o

ippo456 said...

Aw I'm sorry to hear about Spritez :-(
Are you sure that the lump is cancerous though? I've had benign lumps in hamsters.
So long as she's not in pain, I guess it's best to keep her happy

kisetsu said...

I'm only afraid that infection will worsen the condition. I'm trying to keep her as clean as possible. Lucky she is a very hygienic hammie.