Thursday, November 12, 2009

This Is An Emergency

Well well. Little Scratchy is no longer a baby, and he is a male. So at the prime of his life, he needs a little *ahem* comfort.

But sadly, not all male hammies in Hamsty can get a companion. So Scratch, you gotta make do with this. :s


✿A 'n' L✿ said...

We're.. ermm.. speechless

Alex & Lolo

kisetsu said...

Err, hahaha, most of my male hamsters have this problem. =p

ippo456 said...

Uhm ....... it doesn't look like Scratch is stimulating himself from the picture.
Is that clear jelly-look-a-like what I think it is?
Honestly, I've never seen my male hamsters "cleaning" themselves.

kisetsu said...

Co-owner is too slow to capture the 'pink stick'. That 'thing' actually retracts very fast.

But *ahem*, no pornography in Hamsty's blog. wahahaha.

wiffy said...

hehe I didn't know that hamsters have this need too and I thought that they are only "activated" when mating. I've always thought that they are grooming when they are in Scratch's pose. Come to think of it, not a lot of my male hamsters do that. Some (like greedy Mario) are more innocent I guess hehe

kisetsu said...

Oh, but Fatty is also a greedy ham leh. I think probably there is no female ham presence around Mario and so his only interest is the food?

Note, sexy attractive females in da neighbourhood you know. Especially BB Mott. *wee weet*