Sunday, November 1, 2009

Too Fat Already

Oh man! Kopi you really need to exercise some self restraint. You eat alot and sleep alot! And now in the primetime of your life, you develop one big tummy that when you sit down, there are two folds of flabs!

My goodness, this is the first time I have seen a hamster with a two folds of fats in the tummy. You really need to lose weight. Your belly has gone bald because your tummy keeps rubbing the wheel when you run. (x_x)


✿A 'n' L✿ said...

Kopi... I think you don't have to diet. Coz...
Ermmm.. Kak Noi said I'm a fatty too..
See? Doesn't that make us equal?? Teheeeeeeeeee...

Cute Cute Fatty!!! (lol)


kisetsu said...

Haha, but look at the fat layers of Kopi's body. Tsk tsk. Too fat. Alex and Lolo are still in the right size.

Ah, I miss Fatty aka Stiggy. This name is really making me think back of my fav. hamster in Hamsty. :p

wiffy said...

Hmm Kopi don't look so fat to me. In fact, he looks quite fit. chub, fit n dashing lol. I've had hamsters with 3 folds before I think :P I wonder how many folds Mario has lol

kisetsu said...

Lol. Haha, but when the tummy is bald, the layers looks abit 'ahem' unsightly.

Heeheehee, Mario is so chubby, very round. I like his sleepy face. So cute.

ippo456 said...

Ooooo so that explains why my robo's tummy is also bald (I call her "fat fat")!
I thought it's your goal to have fat hamsters so they look cuter :p

kisetsu said...

Oh no, it's not my goal to make them fat if they are already so fat. :D

The only ham that I want to be chubby is Cherry because she is too scrawny. :p

streetsmart said...

fat or not, your kopi is so irresistibly cute!

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