Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hamsty Photoshoot

A sneak preview of the Hamsty X'mas photoshoot.

Show you my bum bum, la la la la la

Tra la la la la la *scoot off*


✿A 'n' L✿ said...

HAHAHA.. the spiky robo really cute.
Bum bum bum.. let's shake butt with me!


kisetsu said...

Oh yeah, Alex is also white-face robo right? =p Same family. :)

ippo456 said...

Boooo I wanted to see more!

kisetsu said...

Hahaha, wait till X'mas. Else no x'mas mood. (^^)

wiffy said...

What a teaseeeee!! Nooooo we have to wait till Xmas T_T

Cute butt haha

kisetsu said...

Haha, can't wait to see Mario's xmas photos too. :)