Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thru' Predator's Eyes

I love to poke fun at the hammies, especially when they are scared. Their expression is priceless.


Skippy is acting weird since yesterday. I managed to pull her out from her cage and onto the bed. Frighten hamster plus unfamiliar surroundings = panic attack! She even head-banged into co-owner's hand during her panic run. Haha, the evil owner managed to make a documentary about it. =D


Paula Regina said...

Small ball plush! Fluffy

wiffy said...

the owner really wicked to make this documentary somemore, lol (jk). the captions and music so good! :p

kitmun said...

OMG Skippy has giant eyes!!

masterofboots said...

looks like my PipSqueak. So cute!

kisetsu said...

Paula, on the contrary, Skippy is not plush. Very skinny and tiny. I would say boney instead of fluffy. =)

Wiffy - And this happened alot of times. Purposely scare her. =D *evil*

Kitmun - Giant eyes because they are afraid. The hammies usually open up their eyes and their ears pointing up when they sense danger. (But don't know why Skippy's ears aren't reacting). =o

MoB - I think Skippy is like the size of PipSqueak. Same same pattern. =D

ippo456 said...

Haha that's a funny video!
I'm not sure if it's my internet browser, but the video makes Skippy look taller & skinnier because the images are compressed.
I don't like scaring my pets, but more like annoying them.

kisetsu said...

Ok, I'm quite wicked when it comes to scarring my pets. Cos they produced very funny results. ;D Bad owner me.

Oh, in real life Skippy is really scrawny and she is the size of new ham Herbie who is so much younger than her. She is as small as Cherry. ;)