Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Today is exactly Earl Grey's birthday! He was born on the 6th Nov 2008. This was what I found out when I adopted him through Retardy's MIL. His previous owner told her EG's birthdate and hence we at least have his record right. Happy 2yrs old Birthday '56grams'! May you still continue to be chubby and energetic.

So today, we gave him a birthday photoshoot with his birthday cake. And since I had been planning for today, I brought some scrapbook materials and created a scrap for him using today's photos.

(The wordings: Happy Birthday Little Buddy. Tough Guy 2yrs Old)

Of cos' photoshooting is not a pleasant experience for a hammie. You can know it by seeing his expression during the photoshoot NG shot. And cheesecake doesn't sound a yummy treat for him. After a few nibs, he totally shunned the cake. -.-"

"Ooopfff! *&^%#$@!" *pissed*

While printing his photo, Skippy got a sniff of the cake which was placed just outside her cage and so she came out to take her share. We will give Scratch later in the evening since he is still snoozing away.


dashingblue said...

Happy Birthday Earl Grey!! Stay handsome and forever cute! Haha! :D

I love the photo of him when you press the hat down on his head! His face was like (>.-)!! LOL!

Nice scrapbook page for him! You starting a new album?

kisetsu said...

Back then I was hoping to get the brothers to celebrate together but Kopi passed on a mth ago. =(

Yes, that photo is uber cute. Haha. Had a hard time doing that photoshoot just now.

Not starting a new album because not enough hammies. =| All of them has been featured in the big album already except Skippy. Waiting to consol when there's a new generation of hammies. This is just a one piece scrap to celebrate his birthday. It's a long time since any ham lives past 2yrs old. =)

wiffy said...

Happy birthday Earl Grey! You look very handsome! Wah got party hat and cake somemore, you are one lucky guy! Mario also Nov bb, he is a bit younger than u - his second bday is end of this month. LOL at the your pissed look as ur owner (or/and co-owner) squeezeeeeee the party hat on ur head, muhahaha ... oh dear Mario is now worried I will copy your idea of party hat and do the same to him on his birthday :p

love the scrapbook page :)

Mario waves hi to dashingblue & kisetsu jiejie :p

kisetsu said...

I think EG maintains his weight and looking very good. =)

I can't wait to see pretty Mario in his birthday celebration photos. I bet you will have a better party hat than this. :p Ours turn out not like what I expected to make. :o I'm sure Mario will look very good in his photoshoot. :D

Paula Regina said...

Happy Birthday, cute! Even late, I wish you much happiness.

\o/ /o\ \o/ /o\ :o) :o*

Picture perfect and beautiful!

Paula from Rio de Janeiro/Brazil

masterofboots said...

he looks like he likes the cake! so cute!

kisetsu said...

Thanks Paula. =)Earl Grey waves to you. =)

Masterofboots, the cake is not up to EG's standard. He din even want to hoard it. =D

masterofboots said...

i'm heartbroken by my hamster's death. but there is still one left. she's a dwarf hamster, and looks so lonely without her friend. thinking of getting her a new companion, but is it ok to put them in the same cage? Will they fight?

kisetsu said...

OMG! Is it BigSqueak or PipSqueak? I'm so sorry for your loss.

Yes, hamsters will get upset when they lost their partner/friend. But usually they can get over it after some time. So far, both your hamsters are they same sex? If so, then it will be hard to introduce a new same sex hamster. If different gender, it depends whether they can get along well and introduction will be a very slow process.

ippo456 said...

So cute!
Happy 2nd birthday, Earl Grey! May you live a looonnngg life.
If you didn't want that mini cheesecake, I wouldn't mind having it :p

ps: your hamsters must be so tame to let you annoy them, like putting on a hat :p

kisetsu said...

Hi Ippo, you're back. Long time no hear either from your blog. =D

Oh, the current 3 hamsters I have are of good nature. I can practically manipulate them anyhow I want *evil*. Haha. Like I said, EG is good to us human but real nasty to his own species. =)

RoSeNoi♥A'n'L said...

Oh oh.. I can't believe I missed this.. but.. here I come.. wishing u a very happy BELATED (sigh) BIRTHDAY, Earl Grey!! (^___^)

Oh my, I miss my hamsters.. I miss having hamsters to chat with (LOL)

kisetsu said...

Earl Grey says : "No problem." =)

It's been a long time talking to you. =)